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Scene Description

The scene that i chose from Citizen Kane was the ending scene when they were actually throwing away Kanes belonging. Based on the techniques that were shown in this scene you can tell what was important and what was not. This scene focuses on one technique which is a close-up shot. In this scene we are informed that the word ROSEBUD stood for the name on his sled. My opinion of his attachment to his sled was him trying to tell us if they would of never took him away from those happy days he wouldnt of went through those problems.

This film used a lot of close-up shots to show us the importance of that certain object. In this case it was the sled that had the word ROSEBUD. Every shot that had the sled in it was focused on the sled. Even when the sled was burning it was showing the viewer the sled  burning slowly. Was this  a representation of Kane’s pain? This last scene made me wonder what was we as the viewer suppose to truly get? It cant just be the filmmaker telling us exactly what ROSEBUD is because he took a good 20 seconds of us watching the sled burn. This was a good technique because it showed us at the end ROSEBUD was a time period in his life that he truly valued.

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